Tradition and innovation


From 1970 to 2015, the Neuschwanstein Concerts annually captivated music enthusiasts from near and far with classical masterpieces. These events, organized by the Ostallgäu district and the Schwangau municipality, were a prominent fixture in Bavaria’s cultural calendar. They dazzled audiences in the grandiose Singers’ Hall, a creation of King Ludwig II for his favored composer, Richard Wagner.

However, the most extensive restoration in Neuschwanstein’s history by the Free State of Bavaria, coupled with pandemic-related closures, led to a prolonged hiatus of the concert series.

With the withdrawal of the previous organizers, the Konzertgesellschaft Neuschwanstein e.V., a non-profit association, embraced the conviction that the region must leverage the unique cultural experiences offered by this world heritage site and its potential future status. Inaction would mean squandering tremendous opportunities for people, culture, and the economy. Thanks to persistent efforts, including correspondence, personal discussions, and unwavering belief in the project’s singularity, Konzertgesellschaft Neuschwanstein e.V. has successfully reimagined the Neuschwanstein Castle Concerts over the past three years.

The Free State of Bavaria, represented by Finance Minister Albert Füracker, and the Bavarian Palaces and Lakes Administration, led by President Bernd Schreiber, have entrusted us as the new organizers. We are grateful for their confidence and committed to fully justifying it. The Neuschwanstein Castle Administration has been an extraordinarily cooperative and indispensable local partner.

Numerous prominent figures from politics, business, culture, media, and tourism have supported and continue to support the dedicated voluntary board team. United by their passion for art and culture, they acknowledge the Neuschwanstein concerts’ absence and recognize their potential to strengthen the broader region. Together, we are composing the music of the future.

Schloss Neuschwanstein © Benedikt Siegert
Sängersaal im Schloss Neuschwanstein © Schlösser und Seenverwaltung
Schloss Neuschwanstein


The Konzertgesellschaft Neuschwanstein e.V., a non-profit organization, has been an integral part of the concert landscape since 1970, existing alongside the earlier concerts. To date, over 100 members have supported the concerts, originally organized by the Ostallgäu district and the Schwangau municipality, through grants and contributions.

Now, for the first time, we are stepping up to take on the role of organizers, embracing both the regional and cultural-political responsibilities. Our membership comprises individuals, businesses, and local authorities. We dedicate our time and efforts on a voluntary basis as part of the board, working tirelessly to continue this cherished tradition and introduce innovative elements.

Vorstandschaft Konzertgesellschaft Neuschwanstein e.V.